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What Do You Do With A Problem Like Ings(iah)?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Mon, 08/07/2024 - 17:25

Let's get one thing straight, no one made Danny Ings sign for West Ham on ludicrously high wages, he was offered an unbelievably massive pay deal by Rob Newman and David Moyes in order to 'entice' him away from Villa for an eye watering £11 Millionon a salary of around £120,000 per week!

Ings CANNOT be blamed for accepting the offer and neither can Villa be blamed for accepting such a ludicrously high transfer fee, the fact is his transfer was a 'right royal cock up' of the highest order!

The club are now STUCK with a player who contributes absolutely zilch and who is on at least double the pay of almost anyone else in the entire squad. It has now become unfashionable to criticise David Moyes' tenure at the club, with people (not season ticket holders) lauding his achievements and highlighting that one glorious night when the club won it's first major European trophy in over 50 years.

Moyes has recently eulogised about his 'love' for West Ham and how proud he is of what he did during his two spells as manager. Of course the elephant in the room is some of 'dithering Dave's' questionable transfer business, for every Jarrod Bowen there was a Jordan Hugill!

The signing of Danny Ings ranks right up there with those of Hugill and Vlasic, all represented an astonishing loss of money that has hamstrung future transfers and now it appears that Danny Ings is going to do a 'Winstone Bogard' and just stay put at the club while picking up £6 Million a year in wages!

Recently there were media reports of Ings returning to Southampton with a £6 Million fee mentioned, however it now seems that the £6 Million is how much Hammers have to PAY Ings to get him out of the door by ripping up his contract!

Only at West Ham hey? It is to be hoped beyond hope that now Tim Steidten is working in tandem with Julen Lopetegui that such costly errors are entirely eradicated, bit in the short term Hammers' already measly kitty has taken another kicking. - Ed



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But the so called business men that run our club clearly have know clue in putting him on such a high wage it has hamstrung us and the same with Zouma so i guess we are stuck with both and you hope that "lessons will be learned" but somehow at West Ham they never are

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Ah yes Nev,the Kitty taking a kicking,a pun perhaps not intended lol....There isnt a revolving door out of West Ham,so yes we are stuck with a fair bit of dross lets hope,a different manager and a style to go with can motivate this lot.

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The trouble is we have always left things late in the transfer market over the years and always wind up with old players on high wages moyes although bought silverware has a lot to blame for this and has left lopi with a squad of older players unbalanced side perhaps cornet will get a chance now moyes has gone.Personally i feel under Lopi and steinden it will take time to get a european spot i can't see it happening in first season.As with steinden saying there will be a lot of activity in new players by the way things are panning out i hope it's not all bravado and fall short through lack of finances.

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Ings doesn't do well under Lopetegui? Let's face it, Ings was never given a chance to justify his wages was he?

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What I saw of Ings up close and personal when he started for 90 minutes was impressive. I've said before. Never used properly. If he stays lets see how El Loppo utilises him??

But I do expect him to move on, for his own mental well being..

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Oi big boy, what's your name?

Kilman apart. I think the window to date has been pretty shambolic considering the needs we have. The Brazilian kid is a punt. Fotheringham was not a priority. Was hoping for at least 2 more upgrades by now. I know we have had the Euros but last minute shopping is not the way to go.

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we knock ings for lack of effort and he goes and scores from a free kick a terrific goal which got us back in the game, was also impressed with the youngsters .New manager new ideas and Earthy reminds me a lot of a certain Mr Noble

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