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Where Do Irons Stand?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Sat, 03/02/2024 - 06:21

After a virtual 'status quo' of a transfer window, an archaic Luddite of a manager looking to have his contract renewed and the scousers looking to steal the hubcaps of the only genuine staffing asset Hammers have, where does the club find itself at this snapshot of time?

Well a hell of a lot better off than some clubs, but well behind those who have left Hammers in their wake, such as Brighton and Villa. Is the problem aa lack of vision? Or is just a lack of desire to go all guns blazing into the future at risk of upsetting the apple cart?

With regards to the notoriously difficult winter transfer window, two out and one in doesn't seem that tragic, especially as both leaving players had to go, albeit for different reasons. Said Benrahma had to go because he was getting progressively worse if that was possible and Pablo Fornals wanted to go 'back home' to Spain to raise his young family.

If Kalvin Phillips hadn't had such a howler of a debut most fans would have been relatively pleased with the window, although Fulham's late move for Broja did hurt more than a little! Phillips will more than likely come good after his 'ring rusty' dreadful debut, it should also be remembered that iwas 'Zooooouma' who sold Phillips a 'pup of a pass' in the first instance, would Zou have been able to get the ball in similar circumstances? Possibly because of his guile, but definitely not because of his pace!

In a way Thursday's events were made just that more annoying because the team's incoherent performance meant the chance of putting clear air between the club and its immediate competitors was wasted, that is FOUR points dropped in the last two games!

Hopefully when the dust has settled Moyes will be 'offered a sniff' but nothing concrete, whereas extra security will ensure agents of the red variety are kept well away from Tim Steidten! - LN



I make it 4 out and 1 in ,considering the size of squad and we are still in Europe , wevare going to struggle

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