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Who Will Be Declan Rice’s Next Club-Betting Odds?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Tue, 18/10/2022 - 18:55

West Ham midfielder Declan Rice is one of the best midfielders, arguably the best in the Premier League having helped lead West Ham United to a top-seven or higher finish the last two seasons. While the Hammers haven’t had a season like that this year, Rice is still showing his quality week in and week out.

With West Ham’s position in the league as a middle-of-the-road Premier League club, there has been rampant speculation that he will leave to pursue titles at a bigger club. You will regularly see odds on his next club within offshore sports betting, but as the years have gone on, he has remained at West Ham. With the World Cup coming up and the Englishman making a compelling argument to be a force in midfield for the Three Lions, Rice will be one of, if not the, biggest transfer talk in January.

With so much talk, there are obvious betting odds already on what club will be the next home for Rice, these are the clubs that will likely be looking to sign Rice in January or in the summer.


Chelsea is the obvious choice to sign Declan Rice, as Rice grew up very close to Stamford Bridge. Chelsea will likely be a Champions League side, and Rice would fit right into Graham Potter's system. A midfield that contains the likes of Rice, N’golo Kante, and Jorginho would be one that can go up against any in the Premier League.

Manchester United

Manchester United have had some midfield issues for years now. The likes of Scott Mctominay, and Fred being in the midfield are serviceable but is not to the standard of United or a Premier League-winning midfield. Rice’s injection into the squad could be exactly what United and Erik Ten Hag need to change their fortunes.

Manchester City

Manchester City has to be in all talks for the stars looking for move inside the Premier League. City have the best midfield in all of England, and arguably in the entire world, and adding Rice to it would be the incredible depth that manager Pep Guardiola would be striving for. With the money City can throw at Rice, and pairing himself with Kevin De Bruyne it might be too good to pass up.


This season has really shown Liverpool's lack of midfield depth, as injuries and poor quality have resulted in Liverpool having one of their worst seasons in recent memory. Jurgen Klopp’s side cannot afford to wait for the young midfielders to develop, they need a star now to come in and help spark Liverpool back into a title-winning side. Rice would be a perfect pairing with Fabinho, Henderson, and Thiago and can be an excellent replacement if any of them get injured or are out of form as well. He is the exact depth they need right now.

Decs will definitely be off by next season unless Hammers fortunes take an extremely unpward trajectory, it will be a question of how much rather than how long! In an ideal world he would go to Real Madrid or a club of that Genre in order that Hammers fans can appreciate how well Rice's career is developing without being painfully reminded of it each time he plays for another Premier League club, whoever they may be against the Irons. - Ed



I like to sound a bit more cautiously optimistic when I state that as quality signings are finally coming through the door, Rice and Bowen may have the desire to stay with the club. Especially, if the Hammers can finally bring some trophies like the Conference Cup as a start and them make a final strong push for a Euro Champions League spot even if they do not achieve it at the very end. Just my two cents!!

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Its a real shame all this talk,as he has given his all for us,and still is,and i hope he stays,but he is not West Ham right through like Mark Noble,he is Chelsea,so if he goes in my opinion thats the place it will be.....As i say i really hope he stays.

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I genuinely think he's happy here to be honest. Certainly wont be going anywhere in January after the World Cup.

However, if we have a mediocre finish, then I think his mindset will be, well you cant polish a turd so off to Chelsea. I'll bear him no grudge and wish him all the best. He'll always get a great reception back at the BOM...

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He's under contract to us til 2024 so there would need to be a huge sum of money to prise him away this January or coming summer. I can't see him moving North to be honest, quite apart from the fact that he wouldn't get continuous game time at City, Utd are in transition and have internal issues and Liverpool have lost their way lately. Can only see two reasons for him going to Chelsea and thats because of his love affair with Mount and his dad/agent being a Chelsea supporter but they're the only reasons. I think once the honeymoon period is over, Potter will be found out that he is not up to the job of managing top players and the managerial roundabout will continue so no security there. If we continue to progress as a club, and thats a big IF with Moyes in charge, then I see no reason why he wouldn't stay. West Ham are a club are quite prepared to pay the wages to keep him on board.

PS Nev. Its bad enough, the media and newspapers banging the Declan leaving drum, do we really need it on this forum ;)

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about Moyes IF he’s still in charge.
That issue might be sooner or later if we carry on the way we are going.
However I have to take you task about your criticism of Nev.
We’re not here on this site to bury our heads in the sand and pretend all is rosy.
You only have to look where we are in the table to realise that.

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