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Why Going to a Live Sporting Event Can Be a Great Work Social Event In London

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Sat, 21/08/2021 - 09:47

Working in London does at times feels like it drags a little bit with the exorbitant costs of virtually everything, the endless tube journeys, bus rides sat in hectic yet stationary traffic, and living in a city together with such a sheer mass of people despite its numerous beautiful green parks and nature reserves.

To ensure a healthy work-life balance, work teams should definitely take time to make an effort to socialise and have some highly valuable down time. Do you manage or are part of a team working in the capital? Then why not arrange a work social outing to enjoy yourself a little and get to know your colleagues in a more relaxed laid-back setting.

Here are a few ideas for work socials in London, but by all means be as creative as you like, as we continue the Saturday morning satire show.

Murder Mystery Events Can Be Exciting and Bring a Team Together

Murder Mystery events, can be a great team building exercise compelling team members to work collaboratively together to get to the bottom of a puzzling and gruesome mystery. Who in the team has the wit to really help you really find out whodunit? A murder mystery event is something for staff working in London to look forward to when they are listening to their music or favourite podcast through their headphones whilst on a hot and sticky tube in the morning.

Head On Down to See a Football Match Live in a Stadium

London is currently home to six English Premier League clubs, seven if you also include Watford FC which is on the periphery of London. You find that you will pay different prices for different types of tickets, a hospitality package will cost you a bit more than a standard seat for example. The tickets for some Premier League clubs in the London area are considerably more expensive than others. Tickets to Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham Hotspur FC games are very much sought-after, hard to buy, and tend to have rather high match day standard ticket prices. Have you ever considered taking a trip over to the East End of London to soak in the atmosphere and getting West Ham tickets to one of their home games at the 60,000-seater London stadium in the Stratford area?

West Ham United are a football club cemented in the tradition and history of the East End of London. So why not bond and connect with your colleagues by visiting a few bars in east London, and then heading down to the West Ham ground. The stadium oozes modernity and was originaly used as the main arena for the Queen Elizabeth Park in the 2012 London Olympic games.

Escape Rooms Can Be a Top Team Activity

Escape rooms have exploded in popularity in recent years and are a super idea for a work social event. Escape rooms are often quirky buildings with character that are no longer in use, such as old hospitals, prisons, police stations and so on. Your mission of course is to break out of the escape room, can you overcome this potentially frightening experience and work together to find your way out of the place? Go and find out. 'T.I.C' Ed



After a day at madame tassauds,why not grab yourself a ticket to the L.S & soak up the atmosphere of the real "East End!!"

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I hope you appreciate the humour and how people view 'little 'ol West Ham, why go to a house of horror when there'e a Hammer horror show in Stratford!

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