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Will Moyes Seize The Moment?

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 26/04/2023 - 10:32

It is a well known fact that Mrs Moyes peruses all the Hammers fan sites and media outlets in order to keep her very busy Hubby up to date on the groundswell of opinion of fans. David Moyes HAD to have been impressed with the stunning victory of his youth set up as they won the FA youth Cup for the first time since 1999.

The fact that the victory was at their opponent's Arsenal's Emirate Stadium AND that the oppostion were coached by Jack Wilshere surely made the emphatic 5-1 win even sweeter. Incidentally the fact that 'Wheelchair' paraded his daughter in full Arsenal colours ahead of the match is indicative that all the 'he supports West Ham parlance' was a load of old guff!

Even a blind man could see that there was some serious talent within Kevin Keen's team, surely enough for even the most miopic of managers to notice, including 'Dino' Moyes. The players put on such an impressive display that it would be plain madness not to include at least one or two of them in the match day squads for the weekend and onwards.

It can be argued that this was a 'boys' match and that the serious business of the Premier League and the much maligned 'Con Cup' are up on another level, however it can also be stated that David Moyes was once hailed for his innovative use of youngsters when he was at Everton, who else would give a sixteen year old a starting berth in such a league?

Moyes seems to have forgotten his own modus operandi when it comes to youth players, perhaps he cannot see the forest for the trees anymore? What is the point of having an academy and youth set up if the talent is not utilised? Majority shareholder David Sullivan has been aggrieved in the past that so many of the club's youngsters get 'snaffled' by other clubs and that Hammers only receive the paltry fee assigned by the compensation board.

Well there is a simple answer to that, let SOME of them have some game time and they WILL stay at the club irrespective of the riches on offer by other clubs, players want to play! It is as simple as that, if they feel they have little or no chance of making the first team's squad then of course they will look elsewhere.

Moyes needs to take a leaf out of his OWN book and start giving youth a chance, that doesn't mean they have to start games, but with the additional substitutions now allowed he MUST give some of them a chance otherwise there will be a mass exodus of an incredibly talented cohort of players the likes of which have not been seen for over two decades, come on David be brave, be sensible, be ambitious! - Ed



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Johnson is clear proof that not all youth players hack it at the top. It wasn't all that long ago that another rising star got hysterical rave reviews on the Emirate Stadium pitch in a 2-0 win. Reece Oxford and whats he doing now? Sonny Perkins is another. Seriously it would only take a few minutes to list a team of youngsters who had big ideas and yet failed to make the grade.
Wayne Rooney at Everton was a rare one and if I'm honest, I can't think of another teenager that has broken into the big time under Moyes

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