For You Ze Var Is Over! Moyes Capitulates To BBC

Boris Johnson does a rather poor 'Winston Churchill' when he tries to do a rousing speech utilising carefully chosen words while pretending to not really know what he is doing, whereas at the same time actually being perfectly aware of every 'bumbling' moment exhibited, but at least Johnson tries to be positive.
Irrespective of your politics it is a quality to admire in a person, positivity, particularly if that person is managing your beloved football team and about to lead them in to 'battle', what you want is confidence and confidence breeds confidence.

That said there is also a big difference between confidence and arrogance, words managers say have a habit of coming back to bite them with a vengeance, and David Moyes is no exception. When he arrived for his second term at the London Stadium, having replaced Manuel $) Pellegrini, Moyes made the mistake of saying, "I am a winner, it's what I do". Two wins in ten games reflects that his idea of winning may not be from the same universe as those who buy their season tickets, so he may have over done it from that point of view, but then just like when a drunk over corrects their imbalance by veering off in the opposite direction from where they came, Moyes has gone totally negative, his comments to the BBC might be honest, but there are times, as Bowie sang, to "shut your mouth"

Perhaps those lovely people doing the broadcast gave him a cup of 'special tea', who knows? For whatever reason this is what he said "I've always thought the season could go to the last day. When you look at the fixtures and the way it pans out. I think, as long as you recognise mistakes and recognise you can improve, then you can always get better. I want to do a lot of things that can hopefully make the club better.

What planet is he on? That statement isn't exactly the type of message you want to be sending out ahead of a crucial set of games that could possibly determine the fate of the club for many years to come, and not the sort of message players would pin to the wall for inspiration, possibly the opposition might, if what you are going to say isn't inspirational or positive, don't say anything. Before we are accused of Bias, look at any of Gordan Strachan's classic press put downs, and you will see it is very easy to say nothing, but with humour and integrity.

To be fair Moyes also said""I want the chance to make new history, I want the chance to do something which gets us feeling hope for the future. The big thing to do is win the next four or five games and make sure we are a Premier League club. I have a lot of thoughts and ideas about where I want to take the club, there have been some unbelievable managers at this club and some incredible players, who are recognised worldwide. Somewhere in the future we have to believe we can do that again."

The Barclays Premier League can be a 'brutal' world, we use that term in a non figurative sense, however it is a dog eat dog environment, and although honesty is admirable, and David Moyes is honest when he says it will go down to the wire, there are times to be 'variable' with how much of the truth you tell and when to tell it, think of it like telling little kids about Father Christmas.

When it comes to West Ham United, everybody knows 'there ain't no such thing as a 'Sanity Claus'! -Ed



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Without repeating what I said on your other post today Neville, Moyes was a mistake. He is old school and his style of football is very readable and opposition teams know how to stop us playing. He obviously does not motivate players and has lost both Haller and Anderson who look like they dont want to be here. It is sad to watch and as a season ticket holder it has been awful and depressing going to the ground knowing we will not perform. I hope we staqy up and I also hope Moyes goes to be replaced by a younger manager who knows the modern game.

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