Young Guns Could Save The Day

Years ago Alex Ferguson shocked the domestic football fraternity by selecting Beckham, Giggs and Scholes for Manchester United's first team instead of buying in players at vastly inflated prices from other clubs. Ferguson's decision proved to be a masterstroke and set the cornerstone of what was to become their most successful era.

Quite why Ferguson chose to promote from within is still not clear, other than the fact that all three players had shone at a very early age and were part of United's FA Youth trophy winning team. Being a canny Scot Ferguson knew that the Red Devils were being shafted on transfer fees, so it is quite likely he just decided enough was enough.

David Moyes is one of the most experienced managers in the Barclays Premier League, he will be painfully aware at just how TINY his transfer budget really is, minus the smoke and mirrors! Some of the 'bargains' being suggested by various media in order to click bait readers are beyond a joke and are based on figures that cannot in any way add up.

It is common for European clubs to feature 'young starlets', mainly to put them in the shop window for clubs who have more money than sense, but also because there isn't the 'age agenda' in Europe, only in the UK. If you consider some of the central midfielders West Ham have been linked with over the last few weeks and their relative costs including wages, there is a distinct reason for looking close to home for players, MUCH closer to home.

Hammers are currently blessed with an astonishing array of up and coming talented youngsters, since David Moyes's arrival many hopefuls have been shown the door, but there is a crop of really promising lads coming through the ranks, none more so than Conor Coventry and Ekwah Elimby, both play in midfield, an area where the club are in desperate need of reinforcements for Declan Rice and Tomas Soucek, with only the ageing and due to retire soon Mark Noble available as first team back up.

Both Coventry and Elmby have really impressed Moyes and his staff and could be used as back ups for the main squad instead of staying with the U-23's, if that is the case then the club could not only save a fortune but give fans the satisfaction of seeing one or two of 'their own' make the grade.

Surely a better option than players who have already failed elsewhere, aren't they? - Ed



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But i just do not see Moyes doing it.....Ben Johnson is an outstanding talent and surely is the answer to provide competition at fullback specially for Coufal and if needed Cresswell but i prefer the Lad to stay on the right....but he was used shall we say sparingly last season and only when we had a few "knocks" did he show a little more...Moyes is a Cautious character and some say overly so and i feel that side of his persona may stop him from giving the likes of Coventry/Holland/Alves/Elimby and co a chance.....And are fans patient enough nowadays Nev? to accept a homegrown player compared to a "marquee" signing i am not sure todays Fan is compared to the older generation.

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Makes me feel old, but you are correct I fear. It seems that there are many fans now who have absolutely no patience who 'lust' for marquee which I would retort Anderson, Haller, Weelchair and Yarmo, to name a few!

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