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Points and Badges has rolled out a new points and badges system as a bit of fun to incentivise our loyal users. If your interested in finding out how the points and badges work, feel free to read more below.


The points system works by adding a point for each comment you make, and removing a point if you delete a comment. A point will also be awarded for each comment made by other users, on a post or topic that you have created. Additionally you can get points by completing Goals.

The Points Table

If your feeling combative a points tally will be displayed on site, with the top user at the end of the season being declared Orger of the year. (Admin users are not eligible for the event but will still appear on the chart.)


Badges are won by completing on site goals. Your badges are displayed on the left hand side of the site, below is a table of badges and how to achieve them.

Name Badge Points How to Achieve
New To The Org New To The Org Badge 5
  • Login To Your user name
Contributor Contributor Badge 20
  • Create A Forum/Topic
  • Comment 5 Times
1966 1966 Badge 66
  • Comment 66 Times

More Goals and Badges to be added as the system develops


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