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Affordable Seating?

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Submitted by Deluded Hammer on Sun, 17/04/2022 - 09:28

Its no secret that I've gone from season ticket holder at The Boleyn to a casual spectator at the Meccano Stadium. I was sceptical of the induction meeting for renewal of season ticket and decided to do a few "viewings" before committing myself again based on computer generated scenery. I'm glad I did, the OS is shit, the sightlines are horrendous, the atmosphere lost in the void, the prematch experience has gone and getting home is no better than the queue at Upton Park if not worse.
I always said that it would take something special to make me venture back to the ground which I did earlier this season to watch Brentford, who were my second team whilst in the Championship and nothing then has made me change my mind that match days at the OS are something I'd look forward to.
It was, however my intention to be at the City game for what is expected to be the Legend that is Marky Nobles final home game. The only seats available are at the back of the upper tier (something I said I'd never subscribe to as the view from the lower is bad enough) but then I saw the price. £75. Are they having a giraffe? What happened to the affordable football they were banging on about? For £75 I wanna be sat in the dugout at that place.
Rant over!

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I have never set foot in that place and never will that is my choice and those that do go good luck to them and enjoy it for me i will only watch my team when i can get an away ticket otherwise its the £75 you been quoted Deluded seems extortionate indeed and for a club that apparently has over 60thousand on its waiting list for a season ticket i find it funny that even though i have not and never have put my name down for one i am constantly bombarded with texts/emails to get my season ticket now as the price will go up the longer you wait so some poor bugger who paid £10 to go onto the waiting list for season ticket ask yourself hows that work?......i think someone has been rather massaging the figures somewhat!

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Ive made no secret that I like the BoM and for me the whole pregame experience is brilliant. I joined the supporters club and drink there before and often after the game. I recommend it and hope Nev doesnt mind me showing the link:

IMO the after game experience has dramatically improved. The stewarding, although not perfect, has improved significantly and getting to the trains is much better than Upton Park.

The price of that City ticket is a bit rich. I have good tickets in block 227, great view and the cost is £29 per game which I think is great value. I just bought the same seat for E Frankfurt and it was £46, but, its a semi final in a European game so still good value and much better than that seen at Spudz, Arse and Chav.

its easy to knock the owners, and they will never be on my Christmas card list but things are improving. We are a top half prem club, in Europe with a "massive" support.

Deluded... Sorry that i didn't know sooner you wanted tickets as I cant make the City game and already given them to a pal exiled in Lancashire

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I hear what you’re saying Deluded but in my old age I’ve realised sometimes you just have to move on in life. Otherwise you get left behind and live in the past. I loved the Boleyn, I loved the journey there drinking in the pubs the noise the atmosphere the one legged blokes food, but it’s gone. So I either die with it or live with the new West Ham. It’s a shame you didn’t get to the Seville game. That was like the old place and tbf outshone a lot of nights at the Boleyn. I respect the fact you don’t want to pay that sort of money for seats in the gods, but actually it’s alright up there. I’ve been there many times and had a season ticket for three years one row back next to the dug out. I didn’t really get to see much at all. Hopefully you’ll get a good experience there one day, and that goes for any stay aways. I wouldn’t want real fans to be missing out on the ride that we’re having atm. It’s nearly May and we can still win something! Omg!

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