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So we are supposedly interested in buying Tammy Abraham and associated Smurfs this Summer. Ramsdale from the blunts in goal and maybe Saka from the Arse. Plus the Ivan Toney award from Brentford. Mmmm interesting............

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If Abraham isn't good enough for Chelski, with Werner firing total blanks, then why would we want him? In terms of any ex-Ass players, why would we want them? Toney has done an apprenticeship through the lower leagues scoring hardly any, but maturing in the past 3 seasons with a healthy strike rate. The problem is the step up is huge and lots of players have scored bundles in the 1st and Chumps but not managed anywhere near in the PL.

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I see the Toney rumour gathering pace. A little concerning hearing Benny Drama is being linked though...

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lets sign some of these

WTF is that to do with transfers you ask....errr nothing lol but you loved it

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I've heard a rumour the top 6 want to form a breakaway league, nudge, nudge you ain't heard it from me right?.........................I thank you!!

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