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anyone give a damn ?

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Submitted by Burkie 1 on Fri, 24/04/2015 - 11:35

i cant remember when there was so much apathy among' st west ham fans , its like it was the middle of June or something and there's been no football for a while and wont be until the middle of August , i log on every morning and hardly anything , i know it might sound stupid but at least when we're scrapping for survival there's a lot of cohesion and comradeship , this is just bloody dull .
I was just thinking what our reputation is going to be like next year with the media , especially those muphets on motd , they'll hate us for ever more after what we did to their beloved Sam

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Yeah I know just what you mean, not even the excitement of will we won't we... go down that is. Only scored more than 1 goal three times since mid-December. It was fun watching West Ham in the Autumn, now it's become like last season, when I could barely bring myself to watch we were/are so bad, that can't be right.

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I've lost interest,it's same old again ,nobody seem's to give a damn and that's just the player's.The line up look's like 442,but I think 451 as usual but at least no Nolan.But we won't win again.Yawn,sorry.

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But for how long depends on whoever the new man is.

West ham are used to being average or bad but we are not used to what looks to many hammers fans like purposely playing poorly with a player or two who are not worthy of being in the team, yet they are constantly picked in the first 11, when we are actually capable of playing better .
I think it is simple, we are all bored of what West Ham has become football wise and so unfortunately it seems are the players, what the manager is thinking is anyone's guess but i doubt it is positive, his negative style has created a grey cloud over all of us and Upton Park is not a happy place because expectations are practically zero and even a win brings little cheer because of how it is achieved.

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It could and should have been so different if the right claret & blue had got to wembley that's the lowest point for me,we didn't throw a towel in v brom that day it was a giant bath sheet!

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they were saying the players had done the job (stay up) and now its just a nice jog towards holiday.

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Burke playing aside, what the hell is he doing playing Jarvis over Nene? He can't see that Jarvis isn't premiership level yet? or is he so embarrassed at the stupid amount of money we paid for him that he won't give in, the stubborn fool! Nolan on and Cole coming on again? Cole can no longer run properly and seems to fall over the ball so what is the point? It's boring and we are going nowhere with Allardyce, and I actually think he loves taking the pish out of the fans as his choices are terrible at times.

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agree mate , its getting embarrassing with Cole , i think he's making an egit out of him , something fishy goin on with Nemo , its a bit like the zarati episode , and how amal!!! analfittzs!!!!!, amalpistashio , f**k it ,Romain isnt getting a game is beyond me

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Burkie 1

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I've always been proud to be a West Ham fan. And what I've always expected from the team is to give it a right go no matter what the odds. It's been bad before. If I'm honest I have to say it has felt dull (Curbishley), clueless (Zola), and hopeless (Grant) even in recent times. But I can never in my life remember it feeling as empty as this. And that's when we have a good points total to boot. Just a gutless manager and a gutless team now. Should I say gutless chairmen too? May it all be over soon.

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