A few of our coaching staff have compared Keenan Appiah-Forson, how he is right up there with N'Golo Kante of Chelsea. Now Rice is going to be out for a while, wouldn't it be time to either play Forson or give Coventry a chance. Noble is always the likely choice but shouldn't we be blooding our youngsters?

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When football was a man's game, blooding youngsters in league games was the norm at the end of the season. Of course then, it was only two up , two down with only Champions and runners up getting European football. The current money grabbing Premier League competition restricts the chances of youngsters getting chances nowadays with top and bottom spots sometimes going to the last day. When was the last time a 4th placed team won the Champions League?

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Going to make 4th place 8 I reckon by end of the season

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Will not take that chance and you have to wonder how patient Coventry has to be,everyone i have spoken to rates this Lad very highly but no real chance given and when you see Benny and Bowen now relegated to the bench you have to wonder will any of the youth be given a chance,better to blood them now and find out if they can step up in a match that means something than in a meaningless end of season game.Like you 65 i do not expect us to finish in the top 4 but after all there hard work i do wish Moyes would have a little more belief in himself and his players who knows

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Has Zouma signed?? Read an article on News Now All Sources yesterday, saying that Zouma had passed the medical tests, however West Ham wanted a medical done in London. Now according to Mr Moyes, Zouma is still undergoing the medical. Now I'm sorry but these are worrying comments, does this mean that the Club has doubts over the findings of the original medical?? Bearing in mind Wilshere passed a so called Stringent medical. I find it rather strange that if the French National Physio/Doctor has passed him fit, who are we getting Dr Emmett Brown, Shipman, Crippen or Zhivago??

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What I read Gravs was that the scans etc were to be looked at by medics here before DM made a final decision. So being cautious.

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