Away goals rule in Europe Abolished

Why? i have read the article but to me its a load of i alone in that or should i just go back to my pen in jurassic park.....and as they changed that rule then why dont they scrap the seedings mmmm put them all in a hat and you get who you get.....of course they would never do that because they dont want a Club Brugge Besiktas final i mean nobody would watch that no no no you have to have the elite pfffff all a load of Bo**ox but thats football nowadays.

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I'm glad they've done away with the rule. Balances things up better imo and could well help West Ham next season.

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Lookat , every thing they do is designed with making money ,you aint seen nothing yet ,wait a couple of years and see the changes ,they've got a year and a half revenue to make up

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I'd rather watch the small clubs with a few stars that say Barca v the arsa playing out shitty scoreless draws. Bring back sliding tackles while yer there....airy fairy wanXers do my head in especially the likes of Grealish. so much talent yet falls over if you breath down his neck.....hope we never sign the likes of him

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Whenever they harp on about the big games if there is a different one on i will watch that before the inevitable bore draw....only on rare occasions are those type of games worth watching...

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