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Back up to Antonio is wrong

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sat, 13/11/2021 - 11:31

We need a striker obviously but back up striker for me thats a no because unless you are a journeyman and offered dumb money the answer from most right now will be thanks but no thanks and we have had enough of those in the past so lets not go there ever again but the elephant in the room being Antonio is irreplaceable....for me that is wrong what we need is a striker with attitude and ability who is not going to accept sitting on the bench hoping for those famous hamstrings to twang and get a chance.....what we want need and Antonio needs is a player who will push for a start not make Ants the obvious choice make him look over his shoulder a bit some real competition which in turn will improve our side even more.....where you find such a player is up to Moyes and Newman the head of recruitment to sort out but please not a back up striker i want one pushing to get in ahead of Ants so the whole squad continues to grow.

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I think Vlasic is an oven ready alternative. Not a replacement, because as you rightly say it's like comparing chalk and cheese. But he is a very good player. As for a back-up I guess he's a better alternative than some we could have.

I cant wait to see him have a cracking game for us as it goes, but not at big Micks expense though..

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When we had no alternative striker and tried a false 9 we went straight down to ninth while Mich was injured -in fact, you could say it was the difference between Europa and Champions League. Antonio is unique only one like him was Anautovic maybe Traore or Ivan Toney but they will be hard to find Ochoflex maybe next season but these players- strikers that Moyes And Rob Newman and the new European scout will be hard to find- Young and unproven comes to mind look how much Tami Abrahams was the other word, of course, is expensive

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