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Submitted by mcbikeman on Sat, 08/01/2022 - 09:50

The one thing that really annoys me about modern day football is the use of so called 2nd/3rd/4th/5th etc etc etc kits when there is no need
Colour clash you play in your away kit but everytime your team takes to the field unless you are at home god knows what they will be running out in and it Pi***s me off know end.
Nev/Ausiron mentioned they have trouble because they are colour blind with the kits whilst with me teams playing in Pink Brown eye hurting bright bright green orange and on and on it goes it is madness and unless supporters stop buying them it will go on and on.
My one wish and i am well aware it will never happen but my one wish is that the Prem and football league put a rule in that unless there is a real colour clash the traditional club shirt must be worn but like everything else nowadays it will not happen because as Jessie J sings its all about the price tag.

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I'm a 58 year old dinosaur and I 100% agree bikey. Back in the early to mid 70's I knew all the Division 1 kits home and away. For instance The Arse away was always yellow and blue, Liverpool were white and black, City were red and black stripes etc. Nowadays they might aswell turn up in their Brutus Gold jeans and Gola trainers!!!

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boogers mate ,unfortunately i can give you 10 years so what that makes me i don't know ,but i can remember that the home and away kit hardly ever changed there was no name on the back just a number and no sponsors name on the front i wore my home shirt for years, Todays strips are like pyjamas come in all colours and stars and stripes

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