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Bowen or Rice who would you miss most?

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Submitted by hammergirl on Wed, 06/04/2022 - 10:52

Been talking with my fellow hammers at the game but thought i would ask it here.If one of these two players were to be sold who would you prefer to be the one that stays? for me and it would seem a number of those i have talked to most would prefer Bowen to stay and for varying reasons,for me i like the energy and the fight he brings to the side my Dad said he reminds him a bit of Mark Ward back in the day!! that i will leave to the older generation on here as i never saw the man play.

The other reason for me is i think we have a better chance of holding onto Bowen more than Rice because if the big clubs do start throwing £££££££££'s away at what point does the players head get turned and the club think christ we jokingly said that amount and someones come in with it.

Now everyone agrees you cannot replace a player like Rice he is a once in a generation player and they do not come round that often and not at a club like ours but i do feel the team could adjust and find a player not to replace but to bring something to the club in the middle of the park where as in this girls humble opinion i do not think we could easily replace Bowen.

So there you have it boys what do you think?

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I don't think Bowen is fit to lace Wardys boots but that is not to slight Bowen in any way. Ive seen many youngsters come thorough our ranks and so far Rice is, in my opinion the best to have come through since Bobby Moore, yes even better than Rio Ferdinand, Paul Ince, Michael Carrick and Glen Johnson amongst others. I don't include Fat Frank because where he may have done well at Chelsea he was never much to get excited about playing for us but I digress. Letting Rice go would be most beneficial to the club because with the (alleged) money we would get for him we would be able to strengthen the team with two or more really decent players. Of course the ideal would be to keep Rice and G&S dig deep into their pockets and reinforce the team anyway but that ain't ever going to happen.
Bowen we'd only get a replacement player of a similar sale value and to be honest, I'd be quite happy to see Antonio back out wide right and the money for Bowen used on a proper striker.

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Be heartbreaking to lose Rice imo. He's the heart and soul of this team and drives every other player on with his relentless pursuit of winning. Bowen has been great this season and whilst would be a sad loss, we'd get decent money to shop around with. But agree with Deluded above,G&S need to dig deep and get the club what is needed, as we can push on from here with the right investment. Maybe even with a European trophy in the back pocket

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miss both but this is West Ham, Bowen will stay and rice will be sold,Lingard will come in and players will be bought with the money,life goes on and this is West Ham COYI’S

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But inevitable I think,agree with Essex Bowen has been out injured & still a bit rusty but both games he's scored! He adds energy & goals that no one else can at the moment

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