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Boycott Murderous Singapore!

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Wed, 26/04/2023 - 09:36

Singapore have just executed a man for organising the import of just less than a Kilo of Puff into their godforsaken sweat pit of a country! The evidence was NOT conclusive and the hanging had swiftly followed that of a man who could not read or write and was 'mentally challenged' for having three table spoons of a class A drug!
These were despicable acts by a Stalin State government who have absolutely no right to sit at the UN or any other council of representatives. Their barbarous regime needs taking down and I hope it happens in my lifetime. Make no mistake, drugs are a curse on our humanity that have huge ramifications on society, but enough is enough.
I had planned to fly with a stop off in Singapore to visit a very ill friend in Australia but will NOT put foot in such an EVIL country and will reroute via a more civilised country. Thailand which used to have a similarly draconian approach to drugs how now done a complete U turn and encourage their farmers to grow marijuana which they sell to tourists, penalties for class A drugs remain tough but they don't EXECUTE people! I feel so strongly about this issue that I am going down to their embassy to warn the Police outside that the Embassy WILL be targeted by protesters day and night at random times so they had better be prepared for a lot of fall out!
If you had planned to go to Singapore DON'T if you have any conscience - Ed

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Its basically us ,we're( the human race) is a virus with shoes ,the atrocities that go on on a daily basis are just unimaginable, Putin gone mad , Somalia ,Palestine,the list goes on Nev ,the best way is to not think about it ,i know it sounds callas but its either that or go nuts over it all .

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