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European football what a Joke

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Mon, 04/04/2022 - 08:49

So i do not know if anyone else saw the announcement that uefa are looking at awarding a champions league place to the FA cup winners brilliant yes what a great idea BUTTTTTTT if you are not one of the so called big six or have a european pedigree then no you are not wanted at the joke and one reason why as much as i have enjoyed the european adventure this season if we are not in it next season i am not to bothered.

What happened about winning things on merit? naaaa can't take a chance on that one of the big boys may miss out its pathetic it goes against everything that is meant to be a fair playing we have the 5 subs rule the big boys are happy well i just wish they would all just bugger off and play in there euro super league because i for one would not watch it but be happy to see certain clubs just gone from our game.

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mate spot on,always on the side of the so called big,rich clubs makes me mad

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