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Gone Stale.....!!

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Submitted by boogerscaravan on Tue, 08/11/2022 - 13:10

Well I cant help thinking we seem to have gone stale as a club. It's all become extremely predictable week in week out. Yes we have achieved a level of success and full credit to the Managerial staff for that.

Like a loaf of bread we have gone stale. Which brings me on nicely to Mark Warburton. Has anyone seen him? What does he do? Is he toast? Theres no disputing if Moyes was relieved of his duties, which looks unlikely. He would be a Caretaker Manager as he has experience.

But what would that bring? Maybe he has a bit more humility than Moyes, who knows?

All I know is unless something changes post World Cup break, we are in for a long season it seems. The first hurdle is Blackburn, flying high in the Championship. Despite their lofty position we cannot afford to lose this game.

Basically in no uncertain terms this team and the current management need a massive rocket up their arse. There seems little motivation, a sense of resignment to mediocrity. Just bimble along from game to game.

It's not good enough....

I think the team have decided to put all their eggs in the Conference Cup. A tournament they know on form they should win. We certainly have gone stale be interesting to see the selection and performance tomorrow. 2 losses and Moyes will be gone Monday.

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I agree Enfield,the Conference seems a priority,and wouldnt be surprised if we lose tomorrow and Saturday,Moyes going im not sure,and really not sure if that would be a wise move.

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I think a lot of players are thinking of the WC and trying to not do too much for risk of injury. There are payers dropping like flies at other clubs putting their WC participation at risk and in typical WH fashion our somewhat soft underbelly is being exposed. Can't wait til the season starts at the end of December and in the meantime I get a wee break from football. Not watching more sportwashing from afar

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