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Has the penny dropped or not,

Submitted by alby foreverirons on Sun, 15/12/2019 - 00:21

It was great to look at the lineup and see that Pell was finally going to play 2 up front and it worked. Mick the Mighty playing alongside Haller and playing to his strengths worked a treat to give us a much needed win. Antonio ( definately the energiser bunny in disguise) played his guts out as per usual and it gave the rest of the team the lift they needed. Bad refs decisions cost us a definately penalty when Haller was taken down, I know people are saying it's var but it's intimately the video ref that interprets the video. The goal that Antonio scored was a more accurate decision as the ball did hit the hand and was always going to be disallowed.
The thing that really makes me wonder about whether Pelligrini can sustain his change was his decision to send Sanchez on and take Haller off. I understand the need to protect a lead but Sanchez, was Pell trying to get himself sacked with benefits or what, as soon as he came on Southampton seemed to lift and if not for the posts we could have snatched defeat from the jaws again. If you want to go defensive why not Diop for Haller and a back 5. I don't know what he see's in Sanchez but for me his best position is back in London providing fodder for the under 23s.
We have twelve days before our next match and anything can happen but let's prey for a miracle and get Fab back because Martin didn't look good at the end and with the teams we face in the next few matches we can't afford Roberto. Only a couple off weeks to go until the Jan transfer window and the circus will start again when we will be linked with every reasonable player on the planet and as usual buy a few cheap imitations of footballers but that's the life of a West Ham fan. That's why we are the most passionate fans in the league.

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Total madness...Southampton had to commit more players forward and we could exploit the space in behind them but nope taking him off made us drop deeper and deeper and we only just got away with it....12 days of christmas now down to 11 before we play again we need to sack this man tomorrow and install a new manager (Moyes probably) so he can settle in and have time with the players before the Palace game....but i will not hold my breath because the board do not want to spend money getting rid of him so i have no doubt they will give El Pel another go as they do not want to disrupt things during the busy festive season!

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Fornals will get better and better, and he does put a shift in, to such an extent that he makes some of his team mates look even lazier than they really are!

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