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Hernandez a. Iron

Submitted by Red Neck Iron on Mon, 24/07/2017 - 21:31

Well the title says it all the official site has now confirmed its all done and Hernandez is shown in the best shirt in the land.

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and an iron well i hope nobody expects me to use it just because i appear to be the only woman here!

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Ha ha very good HG. The relief that has just been lifted from my shoulders on this signing is immense. Trouble is it's just been put on Slavs shoulders, as it's now put a lot of pressure on him getting Hernandez and the new boys fit and firing to their maximum. If he can't get Hernandez fitted in and playing well he will be for the high jump. Now I can enjoy the transfer window wondering what other surprises that turn up. Let's hope we get no shocks leaving and ruining the work recently done.

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It seems like the vast majority ,on here anyway are getting nose bleeds already, its a west ham thing all i will say is i hope results go in our favour from the start cause if the dont ,well you dont need me to tell you what will happen, dampen down the expectations

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Burkie 1

i think it's like most say they enjoy moaning and looking for negatives Burkie. It's what this forum does best and often. They'll be a short in take of breath a quick swig of prosecco and then back to finding a negative. "ah but will they all gel!?" as a starter for a thread in the near future. "if Bilic doesn't get them gelling ( I assume that means top 7 by Xmas, maybe October!) he'll be out!" Plus many more. As I've said below all signings require a huge element of luck, families and players settling into a new house, schools all of those things out of anyone's control. I welcome the new signings, and all I can hope for is that they succeed. I can't surmise much beyond that. I'd be interested to see how he fits them all in as I see them all as starters. I also like the idea of getting some more signings in like Wilshere or the Ox, to push harder those that have got a bit complacent in recent times inter selection.

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For pretty much a lifetime,you always fear that the good times will be followed by a sudden kick in the plums...
But for me its always been about enjoying the good times,& what will be will be!!regardless of your view on the new signings they are a step up in my opinion!!

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listen I agree mate totally. My point is that money doesn't always convert into instant success, so the fact we have a few freebies, cheapie etc maybe loans doesn't really bother me. Man City have spent £200 million on players, £100 million on 2 fullbacks, its disgusting, you could build a new kiddy unit in a hospital of that. Does it mean they will be the best fullbacks in the Prem next year?

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Citeh & their franchise are obscene the way they throw money about - nearly every player they sign is sold on for a reduced fee-more money than sense i suppose!

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Main difference between this window and last years is that the board and Bilic have decided that PL experience is necessary. There's no time to allow them to develop, nowadays you need to hit the ground running and these 4 signings should do that.

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As a fan with experience all I'm looking forward to is some decent football again. I do however feel intrigued with what formation and set up Slav is looking to play. We have done good work with little net outlay, we now have names like hart, zabaleta and Hernandez that will IMO attract other big names so we have 3 windows max to hoover up quality players on the back of these names.

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Agreed there are more deals out there, not least Wilshere. He's one of those that need stop get his act together quick. I saw him at the Haye/Bellew fight off his nit smoking a vape. If he does come to us I hope he grows up and shows the potential he clearly has. Plus he's a hammer and we all like one of our own don't we? :)

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Sullivan has said we're good for midfielders and I agree. More firepower up front is needed and I hope they're looking or working on another surprise deal.

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Great signing for us. Great player, I really did not expect them to sign a striker at this level. COYI

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