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Hodgson through the Palace doors

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 13/09/2017 - 09:21

So its confirmed, Woy is back. Its an interesting one this. You appoint a new manager, listen to his philosophy and ideas, give him the go ahead to make the changes style wise, give him the pre season, the summer and then get rid of him after 4 league games. For me you can't compare this to Bilic as with Bilic, like it or not he had won 3 games in 17 and the poor start simply sent alarm bells clanging that nothing had changed. Jury is still out on Bilic imo. But the de boer sacking is pretty ridiculous. Why appoint him in the first place if you don't expect it to take time to change from the allardyce set up to the ajax? de boer didnt help himself i agree but it was the wrong appointment at the wrong club imo. now they have Roy? Really? He's been basking in the millions he stole from pretending to do the england job and his ideas are so outdated they make allardyce look like the new tactical guru in town. palace will probably be better, they can't be any worse and it will be 4-4-2 I'm guessing, direct stuff. nothing wrong with that. but where is the forward thinking? the man is 96 years old. Talk about losing the dressing room, he will forget where it is. It does keep the prem league circus interesting i guess, at least it wasnt us sacking bilic and now sitting looking at a corpse in the pre match interview. Palace have mucked this one up big time.

Just heard Woys interview on talksh*te,he said "relegation wont be an issue this side of xmas or even this side of easter!!"
i laughed so much driving i had to pull over!!it probably is an issue mate if you dont get any points!!

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Grandads army, thing is he'll probably have them finishing in the lower part of mid table. But if I was a Palace fan I think I'd be wondering what the hell the clubs ambition was. Poor old Woy will no doubt be soaking his teeth in a glass, getting out his cotton jim jams, pouring a cup of Horlicks each night. Dribbling it's not big and it's not clever, Ha Ha Ha......

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Dickey I agree word for word on your subject post. The one thing I do say is that Roy and palace are probably a good fit and the right one too. IMO some managers are right for certain clubs and this is probably true for them. IMO klopp is most suited to us. As he plays high tempo and sees more on improving and giving a chance to youth.

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He probably thought he was getting a knighthood from the Palace and they wheeled him out at C Palace and he was too slow to get out of there!

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Why would he want to throw himself into the pressure cooker at his age,i can see him age 10 years,time he's done with palace,can't take the Wonga with ya woy ;)

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They are playing ugly, and lined up 4-4-1-1, and of course losing atm. But the BBC commentator puts it best: "why carve a fine ham when you have an open tin of spam?"

A truly ugly game, the rain notwithstanding. 5 yellow cards for palace. Southampton were toothless, a prod on 6 minutes being the sole necessary bit of attack. They call this Premier League? Doubt our game will be much better, but I hope CHONG (AC) can find CHEECH coming into the box.

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If i was a palace fan id be fuming,the bloke cant cut it at international level or prem level imo...the England team were pathetic against Iceland & needed a manager who could kick them up there over paid arses,what was woy doing??He looked like a "W"abbit caught in the headlights...they should have given De Boer a bit more time imo, instead they now have The Bore in charge!!

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Yeah we have the right to take the pee out of Roy and his tactics and how dreadful the game was, because we have that genius of a manager bilic with his exciting game plan and tactics! Roy has had 1 game and bilic has had er, er too many games! There is certainly no pedestal at this club to stand on at the moment, for us.

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how woy must be looking forward to those 3 fixtures! still could be worse he could be koeman spend £152million and score only 2 goals and players look disinterested...

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No one said he had to take the job, just it was poor boardmanship. 1stly they get rid of de boer after 4 games when he is trying to completely Rehaul everything and then appoint a manager just before some of the toughest games of the season. Why not give de boer and few games and see if they improve?

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The serious business is Dildogate,a westham fan spotted in the away end on saturday waving a PROPER dildo about...
I wait with anticipation for the next instalment!!

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