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A hollow victory

Submitted by Enfieldhammer on Thu, 02/11/2023 - 01:44

An hour after a glorious victory against The Arsenal. All euphoria amongst the Claret & Blue was swiftly quelled with the predictable draw for the Quater Finals. A bloody trip to Anfield.
Are these draws rigged? Whenever West Ham get to the latter rounds of a domestic cup competition you can gaurentee an away tie. Not only an away tie. But one of the better teams left standing. I'm sure if United had not got beat they would have ended up with a home tie to Port Vale. How often do Liverpool get drawn away at this stage? Not to often. Be interesting to see how many times we gave been dealt this shit card. I think the last time we were drawn at home in a QF Redknapp played a ringer!

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The team that started against Arsenal will start against Liverpool but at least Liverpool play on the front foot so won't be cramming their defence up which gives us a slim chance of getting a breakaway goal from our spluttering strikers.

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Fair call Deluded,

Liverpool play pretty open football, leaving opportunities for a goal.

Although you do have to take into account the likelihood of multiple referee decisions/calls going Liverpool's way, including cards, probably a red, offside goal given, almost certain penalty.

Still it was nice to beat the Gooners!

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Well on this occasion we can play counter attack moyes fav and it will prob suit us better than a home tie v them. JWP always a chance with dead ball. We can do this.

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