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How the board Explained to Moyes the transfer kitty

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Submitted by hammergirl on Mon, 09/08/2021 - 08:56

Pretty sure it went something like this:-)

Happy Monday boys

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Club and player were happy with fee and wages offered but the stumbling block was the agents fee said to be way over the top so club said no not doing that...Quite admirable and you understand the position but when you hear that we are supposedly back in for Zouma at £25million and then hear that the Milenkovic deal even with the agents fee on top comes nowhere near that you do have to ask WTF is going on.

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Almost a year on Hammergirl and i still think you hit the nail on the head there lol i wondered how they became multi millionaires and billionaires

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They know what to do with a dildo,doesn't mean the same as running a football club Mac!!;)

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