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Submitted by hammergirl on Sun, 25/09/2022 - 14:53

Just a week to go boys before the rubbish internatinoals are over soooo i'd thought i would put this little topic up.

who are the two greatest male singers/showmen of all time? young i maybe but i think you would be hard pushed to beat Freddie Mercury and Meatloaf.

I am sure Nev you will have your thoughts on this topic but i just think for vocal ability and sheer presence on stage neither can be beaten sadly i never got to see either of these two artists live but through watching film etc of them both in action i have yet to see another artist who comes close to what they did true god given talent and thankfully generations to come who have yet to discover them have a treat instore.

So any other contenders boys?

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Hahaha. Freddie Mercury, oh dearie me. Greatest singer and there's only one Elvis who was also s pretty spectacular showman. If looking at bands then I'd go for The Eagles

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being and old timer and trying to keep up with the youngsters Ed Sheeran and Adel both good at writing and performing their own songs but old timers Ozzy Osbourne , Ian Gillan ,Robert Plant

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Bono for me, went to see U2 first time in 1981 at Brighton Top Rank as it was then on the back of me mates motorbike. They'd just released the October LP.

Granted he's morphed into a bit of a tool these days, but a voice from the Gods.

Secondly the late Joe Strummer, lucky enough to catch The Clash on the 16 tonnes tour again at Brighton in 1980. Legend!!

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Brings it like nobody else in my opinion...i dont have much hair nowadays to headbang with! but man what a Voice and what a band Iron maiden are...seen them live back in the day and never seen them bettered....of course thats just my opinion.

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