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Submitted by Deluded Hammer on Mon, 13/02/2023 - 11:16

What's he done to upset Moyes? He would have been my choice to replace Paqueta when he went off against Chelsea, not Downes. I know there's many on here that won't be sorry to see him go in the summer but I will. A good player and another who has been ruined by the "Messiah".

He used to be before his injury,but still a decent player & id rather have him on the pitch than Souscek! As for Downes,moyes hardly plays him just like Scamacca when fit,fornals etc

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He destroys players confidence and so they dont perform and when you hear that he did not realise Pacs best position until he saw where he played for Brazil my God give me strength thought Moyes was meant to be a top manager with years of experience.....

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