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Lanzini injury layoff poor management?

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Tue, 24/09/2019 - 10:53

Having read on other club sites that Lanzini came back from international duty with a bruised foot after taking a kick on it and not really putting any weight on it why was he allowed to play in the Villa game? as we now know he is out for around 4 weeks who made that clever decision? watching the Villa game he was poor by his standards and knowing he was carrying that injury why even take a chance with it...El Pel of course listens to the head physio and Dr's on such matters but ultimately it is down to him and you could see he was not right so again why risk him when you have Forcandles waiting to get a chance and Villa away would of been easier for him than the Manure game which when he went wide he did better in....El Pel has been so careful when it comes to getting players back into the squad who have had an injury he never rushes them back so they can train and recover properly with less chance of the injury recurring so again the decision to play Lanzini seems a strange one for me.

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As this does seem to happen regular to Lanzini when he goes away

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