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Just wondering whats the deal on loans,? Are there stipulations in the small print ? Example can they call him back anytime they feel like it ,can they set a fee we could never agree to so he would have to return to manua ,the reason im askin is because when they realise what a balls up they've made they'll value him out of our bank account.
Oh and one more thing is he eligible for the cup game against them next week , i doubt it very much ,maybe just as well ,baby face would surley get the gooner if he scored against them .

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Playing against ones parent club is not allowed....and unless a recall clause is put in the contract he is ours until the summer...which i dont doubt Moyes will enquire as to a possible transfer and manure taking up the option on his contract can ask for a decent fee and of course as to whether the player wants to join us or think maybe he has done enough to break into Manures side next season.

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Thanks for that bike ,cleared things up for me

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The fact that no option to buy clause has been written into the t&c's leads me to believe that Jesse is not a long term option and not really surprising as we are loaded with midfield players. Accepted that Noble and Andersons days are numbered as probably are Lanzini who doesn't appear to be a Moyes bumboy but lets face it. Summer should see an all out effort to get in a good striker who is capable of staying fit.

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agreed, Lingard is a short term fix for a long term problem that needs addressing

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Never know maybe he'll want to stay ,anyway they'll price him out of existence

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