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The man,the myth the legend

Submitted by Hammers65 on Sun, 22/05/2022 - 15:21

Reading it at the moment on hol,says everything about a proper old school fan...brilliant read about a westham legend highly recommend

A terrible childhood but his love for Westham got him through life,I'm not condoning the trouble on the terraces but in the 70s & 80s going to away games you had no choice but to look after yourself...there's a brilliant chapter about the move & the real reason the big protest was called off,for old school fans it's a must read

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Yes 65,i know exactly where you are coming from,i agree also about the aggro that was about all them years ago,but it was what happened at the time,it was part of and what went with Saturday afternoon football,it was even accepted,if you didnt want to get involved you didnt go to them areas,you would have to live in them times to understand it.....Ive seen Bill Gardener about many times over the years.

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