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The media and West Ham

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Submitted by mcbikeman on Fri, 18/03/2022 - 08:37

So after last nights magnificent effort by us to overturn a first leg deficit and win a tie few outside of West Ham supporters thought we could win how would the media react?? oh lets see Evertons stunning last gasp win splashed all over back pages ours a small panel saying Hammers win.....turned on Talksh**e this morning 6am i no i no bloody idiot well lets hear about it errr nothing talk about cheltenham Evertons big big win and 6.35ish they thought to mention our win.

Now as we all know if that had been the spuds or gooners manure etc there would of been 8 page pullout souvenier special but nope its just West Ham so i ask why do the media seemingly not so much hate as marginalise us? allegedly in the written media and on many sports shows a lot of the journalists and pundits are West Ham fans...look at last night with Darke and Mcmanaman comentating it was all how great Sevilla are how they never lose after first leg win how they do this that and the other and only only when Soucek scored did they start thinking mmm maybe we should start giving West Ham some credit i have to ask does anyone no why there seems to be this bias against us in the media....look at the race for the top 4 now we dream of it but we doubt we can get it but we are still in with a chance but all you hear is well Gooners looking good spuds and manure then there's a pause and West Ham may still have a chance? what is there problem?

daring to challenge the so called top six the media cannot handle it.

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