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A Message From Pep

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 28/10/2021 - 10:38

"Congratulations to West Ham for their qualification," Guardiola said after the Carabao Cup game in East London.

"One of the toughest games we played at home last season was against them.

"They are doing well in the Premier League and in the Europa League and now in the Carabao Cup quarter-finals.

"Fantastic team and fantastic manager."

Honest & complimentary comment from the opposed to the likes of nuno - "we were in control of the game" after the loss last week...err no you wasn't you twat we beat you fair & square

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Of course they defended with 11 men why would'nt you its up to Spurs players and manager to change that and to move the opposition out of there position....end of the day as everyone knows you never play to the other teams strengths you play the way that works for you.

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Im very suprised he played Souchec ,although last night he wasnt that bad except he seems to have lost his mojo in front of goal ,needs resting in my opinion, what a player young Johnson is emerging into ,he had Sterling in his pocket .

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