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Moyes hasn't a clue

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Submitted by Carp Man on Sun, 10/01/2021 - 23:55

I've seen quotes attributed to Moyes that he dont have any targets to replace Haller so why sell him. Antonio walks a tightrope on if his hamstrings will last 90 mins and now we appear to have sold any sort of backup. Then Moyes wobbles about playing with a false number 9 saying Man City do it and have great success except we don't have the luxury or 20 top internationals to pick from. Knowing Moyes style we will simply play 5 at the back and 5 in the middle. With this type of tactic we could have kept BSA and still been more attacking.

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Moyes would not say if he has or has not why show your hand for someone else to sneak in and take the i would wait and see on that for selling Haller come on mate he was rubbish in this league and he was not happy so keeping him was never going to happen

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Haller had to go,we used him as we didnt have an outright man to replace Antonio,but doing so was seriously holding the team back,anyone we get or put in that place will be light years better,as imo he was really that bad.

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Haller lost it against quality teams a while ago and for his and our sake was sold. SUGO are frustrating in their dealings basically going to the last day of transfer windows but they do have to replace Haller quickly. I expect a signing sooner, rather than later this time.
Otherwise mid table or lower here we come.

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A D Bonds

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Moyes has also let Ajeti, Hernandez, Hugill go without replacing them either. So yeah. Moyes hasn't got a clue. I honestly reckon we will end up with Josh King, whose strike rate isn't much of an improvement on a previous donkey, Carlton Cole

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