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One man to blame

Submitted by Enfieldhammer on Sat, 13/04/2024 - 21:34

Should West Ham fail to qualify for any European competition next season. Only one person is to blame. Manager David Moyes.
Moyes is quick to tell everyone how due to him that we are no longer relegation fodder. Have competed in Europe successfully for 3 seasons and culminating in with a European trophy.
But when it has mattered the same Moyes has come up short due to his fear of defeat and his negative tactics. 3 games stand out. Liverpool away in the Carabo Cup. Conceding the tie before a ball was kicked. Choosing to rest first teamers and select a team not fit for the bench. Newcastle away. 3-1 up and coasting. Rather than keeping the same tactics and keeping the Geordies at arms length. He takes off a striker and replace him with a out of form and low on confidence holding midfielder. Thus allowing a capitulation of mega proportions. This result alone is probably the most significant in damaging another foray into Europe. A victory would have put a further 6 points between us and Newcastle. Who now sit above us in the league.
Then Moyes complete bottle job against Leverkusen. Playing ultra defensive and not allowing the likes of Kudus & Paqueta to do what they do best. Our backs are firmly against the wall. With suspensions and no strength in depth which is soley Moyes doing our chances of kicking on have been severely hampered.

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Are the only ones who do not see all that you have written Enfield but look at who we have come up against in Europe and does that really enhance his Rep? last season it was a bunch of third division clubs we beat with the final being the exception and winning the trophy was brilliant but now look at this season we played Frieburg 4 times Olimpiacos and Topolov wow he managed to lose two of those games with his over cautious approach and then Leverkusen where Moyes surpassed the low block by basically telling everyone our 18 yard box no further forward! it was truly a pathetic spineless display and to not even attempt to see how good they are defensively shows how limited this man is......even against the smaller clubs at home he sets up the low block what a prick and his small mindedness regarding squad size is laughable....ignoring pro footballers because he did not have any say in purchase shows what a petty vindictive little man he is.....players are clearly pissed off with the man and his style and arrogance to not try something new .....Fulham today we have to win will he rotate a tired first team we wait and see and Liverpool at home next home game just send them the 3 points gift wrapped because Moyes will not believe he can win that game.....Pacman off for Citeh and now Kudus rumours with Barcelona circling.....Moyes will think its because of his coaching lol but he will probably think that of Scamacca and Haller as well......35days and counting before this knobs shown the door Sullivan if you keep this man you will get all you deserve.

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Everything above is spot on. This arrogant Jurassic Jock must surely use 99p Cornet and Ings. They are so fresh they must be like new signings. But no, Aberdeen Angus will as you say, rotate a tired unit. Who must go out and perform against Ze Germans in the week.

I really have had enough now!!

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