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Paqueta charged

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Submitted by Bubblegirl on Thu, 23/05/2024 - 16:15

The FA have charged him with four counts i think of deliberately getting himself booked to influence betting trends.
If the club are hoping for a big money transfer to Manchester City to help boost our coffers i think that could be scuppered.
£rd of June he has been given to reply to the allegations.

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Anyone who knows Paqueta knows he is reckless in the tackle and I've been tempted many times to bet on him being booked, he's that type of player. I watched the specific games and if thats all the evidence the FA have then it stinks of a vendetta to me. They'll have a hard time proving that only hiss family in Brazil profited from it and don't let the fact that Paqueta hasn't bet on any of these games go amiss.

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Paquetta released a statement saying nothing other than he is cooperating over the alleged charges and can say no more under advice from his lawyers then you hear his hearing is now delayed for a week as his said lawyers are away on holiday! and also reported that the final decision on this matter will not be resolved until after the transfer window closes! so his move to Citeh wont be happening great you say but if banned we wont have a player available or been able to source a replacement because we do not know if he was to be banned or not...crazy crazy situation which for once the club had nothing to do with but will suffer the consequences if true.

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