Phill Jones

Cant believe Moyes is goin after him,

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But this is why Moyes has his detractors and with the Hugill transfer still fresh in everyones mind you do just have to wonder.

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I think he's perfect. We've been crying out for someone who can unlock a defence with a drop of a shoulder.... And a head first, human battering ram rampaging run.

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Cant stand him,i remember a couple of seasons back at home,cant remember who tackled him,but he rolled round the floor in agony like he had had his leg amputated,within minutes he was up running about,with a smirk,arsehole.

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Remember it well Essex - he's a fudgenugget of the highest order.....

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He is one ugly mofo! and a rubbish defender ta boot

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Go sister!!;)

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