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Tremendous game of football today and peed off as we all are about not putting the game to bed i think we all saw just how much more we need to do to keep us competing at the top end of the premier league...
Players need to be stronger mentally not just physically and understand that no game of football is won until the final whistle is blown.
we have come a long way in a very short space of time but still lots of work needs to be done and extra quality added to the squad in key areas but that's for the future for now lets enjoy whats left of the season and see just what we can do and where we end up.

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I dont care what anyone says ,there's 1 or 2 players that are not the same as when they first came,funnily enough both scored today ,Thomas Souchec is one,he looks so much thinner than he did ,he seems to run out of puff and he gets sluggish very quickly,another one is Bowen ,he seemed much more involved when he first appeared, maybe im wrong but the manager never seems to let him Finnish a game ,Bennys another one who is not being given a chance ,hes on and off like a light switch , it looks like Moyes cant wait to get Nobbs on ,i thought Benny was emence today ,these 2 subs were a real sign to Arse that we've finished attacking you now ,come and have a go if you think your good enough .

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Is correct......we were hanging on for the whole of that second half and although we had a few chances to retake the lead Moyes by sending on those subs basically hoisted the white flag and hoped we could snatch a draw from victory which we just about did!

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Seem to always play poorly against us at the start of a game.fine margins imo 2 own goals,the ref bizarrely stopping the game when we had a good chance on goal & Ants hitting the post when it was easier to score!!

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