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Who would buy the current West Ham first team players?

Submitted by Chippy Dave on Tue, 05/07/2022 - 20:48

If all of the West Ham first 11 were put up for sale, realistically what level of English football team would buy them to put in their first 11?
I’ll start….

Fabianski - bottom half prem/ newly promoted side
Coufal - mid/ bottom half prem
Dawson - newly promoted side
Zouma - between 2nd and 8th place prem side
Cresswell - newly promoted side
Formals - between 4th and 10th placed prem side
Rice - top 4 side
Soucek - between 4th and 10th placed prem side
Lanzini - bottom 8 prem side
Benrahma - 8th place prem and below
Antonio - bottom 8 side/ newly promoted side

With this in mind has Moyes worked miracles or am I being unfair??

Most of the top four would take Bowen in a heartbeat, but I can’t disagree with you Dave. Moyes and his team have punched above their weight for two seasons now. We need reinforcements a couple of quality players should do the trick but quality comes at a price, think Linguard. We must be prepared to pay market value.

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its a shame the ones making the decisions don't! and reading this morning another alledged target....Aaron Hickey is off to Brentford for £18.5 million that would make two of Moyes targets gone to a decent well run club who moved from there small little ground to purpose built 17,250 seater stadium round the corner so they can compete with us lol...we are run so badly not even Billy Smart would want to be associated with us.

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That is a side that could quite easily be a regular challenger for top six, maybe even top four but for one thing. Lack of a proven goalscorer. So who's fault is that?

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I agree that West Ham definitely need a goal scorer but I can’t agree with that current squad being a consistent top 4/6 side without probably 4 - 6 new players that are starters, for me West Ham have overachieved for the past 2 seasons with that team so I think the manager has done well

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