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The Balance of the team

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 18/09/2017 - 09:20

Heard it being said about Everton that the balance of the team just isn't right. Koeman trying to squeeze too many same same players into one formation and the result is players being stuck in position they just aren't effective in. I think we have the same problem and it all stems from poor thinking recruitment wise. When you splash big on ayew, arnautovic, hernandez then you think as a manager, you really need to be playing them. the problem is where do you play them when you already have antonio, lanzini, carroll and sakho? Bilic needs to find a formation (in fact he should have had this in mind long before signing the players). for me the only way to go looks like a basic 4-4-2. flat back 4 and antonio wide right, lanzini OR Arnautovic wide left, obiang and kouyate OR Noble in the middle and carroll and hernandez up front with sakho on the bench. Squeezing Hernandez into a front 3 and pushing him wide left is nonsense. better off choosing between him and carroll for the central role and taking one out. if he wants a front 3 then he has to play arnautovic or lanzini wide left, antonio or ayew wide right and carroll or hernandez central. why not pick carroll for 1 in 3 games to start, hernandez on the bench coming on last 20 mins or so and then 2 out of 3 games start hernandez with carroll coming off the bench? surely you need to play to players strengths not just force them into the side for the sake of playing your best players?

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is the only formation we can play imo dicksy and right now if lanzini is fit i would drop kouyate to the bench as he has not played well of late....i cannot say hart in goal as you are well aware of what i think of him...Adrian--zab-reid-rice(if ginge injured)cressy-antonio-obiang-lanzini-arnie-sakho-chicarito....its not difficult is it? but never playing at any level i guess i have no idea!

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Slaven Bilic has admitted he’s struggling to play Chicharito in his ideal position.

The manager has taken much criticism for his decision to employ the Mexican in a wide role but admits in the current circumstances it’s desperately difficult to sort it out.

He said: “It’s very hard to please everyone. It’s very hard to put them as their ideal positions as two strikers (he and Carroll) who looks good on paper.

It’s easy to do but then it’s very hard to have three at the back. It’s almost impossible. But you want to have a lot of them on the pitch at the same time.

“Of course I’m thinking about that. Chicarito is playing in a position which is not his position. I spoke with him, he’s a great lad, he’s doing a job of course. That was a priority now we have to keep the stability.”

Bilic admits that Carroll will not be involved in tomorrow night’s match against Bolton Wanderers saying: “He ain’t going to play. We are managing him a little bit differently this season.

Maybe he would have been available for the Newcastle game but we had the international break so we gave him two more weeks. Now he is back, we will avoid having him play three times a week for 90 minutes.

“We are going to use every opportunity, not to rest him for the sake of resting, but to keep him fit long term.

“Of course we have to manage him. He looks good, he looks fit, he is training, hopefully he is going to last because that was his problem for ages.”

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