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Caption Competition

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Submitted by moore2come on Fri, 01/05/2015 - 07:04

Taking a look at Betty's profile pic, looks like Kev is cracking a fart, who can come up with the wittiest caption for what's being said between King Kev and his boss? I couldn't post the pic but it's on the We're Big Sam's Claret and Blue Army!!! forum.

"Take no notice of those horrible cockneys,i still love you flower!!"

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"Rooney just started asking me strange questions about my grandma,i think ive shat meself boss!!"

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of this hoof ball. Please take me off, I haven't had a decent holiday since last Xmas. I'm never gonna get my 100th goal.......just take me off and let me go with you to Sunderland.........PLEASE."

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Nolan to Allardyce "I know we lost again Boss but don't worry those twats on MOTD are still telling everyone we are doing a brilliant job"

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Boss, I'm really run down ... didnt have my usual Xmas break, and because of that we've won the Fair Play League, and we'll be doing qualifying rounds in Nepal. It'll be like being back in Bolton again

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"And that's not even my hand petal..."

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here's that tenner appearance bonus don't spend it all at once !!!!

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LAST DAY OF THE SEASON .....Right Boss there's about three minutes to go, you have the engine running and I'll be down that tunnel the quickest I've run all season.

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