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When reading that El Pel is unsure what system to play with the squad we have i think we need to start worrying and questioning him a bit harder than we do...Having got the players he wanted he now seems unsure as to how to integrate them into the team and how he wants the team to play.Brighton yesterday a prime example one up front getting battered and overrun we just about managed to get away with a draw...then he admitted we played better when Antonio came on and we had two upfront...well no shit sherlock Chicarito is not the player to dominate defenders he's a fox in the box and being alone upfront was a mistake before the kickoff i do not think any west ham fan could believe the selection El Pel made and if he picks a side like that again next week we will not get away with it again....being paid ten million a season means he is regarded as a top top manager well time to prove yourself El Pel you have the squad you wanted with two players for each position giving you the options you asked for now its time to work out the system that you should have had formulated before the season kicked off.

Its early days granted,but like you say watching that game yesterday we were so lucky to get a point.only 1 real attempt in the whole game on goal & we scored luckily.brighton,who let's be honest are probably 1 of the relegation favourites outplayed us for most of the game & should have been out of sight.hopefully with Anderson & haller back it will make a difference,but defo need another holding midfielder, noble being a missing link but hes not getting any younger!

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He needs to sort out that huge amount of space in front of the defence for starters,that wouldn't be a bad idea.

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No cohesion at all,I wasn't that impressed with forkhandles but I suppose no one covered themselves in glory

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Hernandez playing up front on his own, and winning, in fact, I think this was our 1st draw. Pelle never seems to learn this system don't work he is a poacher and needs somebody to playoff. I would have played Antonio and Ajeti upfront I know Pelle seems to like 4,5,1 but when u have 2 of your main players injured, needs must. One thing was for sure we missed Mark Noble lets hope he is fit for next week

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Pel made the right call taking him off for ants,the injuries look like they've taken its toll on him,complete passenger.

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Seemed to ignore from last season what we could all see and that was Sanchez just ain't got it and at 20 yrs of age he's putting immense pressure on Rice a) to do it game after game and b) to stay fit. We all knew another CDM had to be a priority but seemingly Mr Pellegrini didn't and still doesn't. Likewise for the left back position, for me Masuaku is a bit of a liability defensively but Cresswell has gone!!!

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la la land

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excellent points about Sanchez and Rice. He even mentioned the "good news" that Sanchez will be back... God help us!

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That you wont believe what he does in training then you see it on the pitch for real and its shit.

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No idea Dicksy but he aint performed for us for yonks now mate, imo anyway

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