The big game

The one I am looking forward to is West Ham v Sheffield United. After our last meeting in the cup, which the bickering Blades dumped us out of with a smug and deluded sense of 'justice', (even after the award of £30mil at their perceived slight during Tevez-gate) and having started the season on the newly promoted bounce of good form, there can be no excuse or result from our side this season against them apart from a win. We need to turn them over and give them a thorough drubbing if we are to retain any shred of dignity and prove to them the real reason why we stayed up and they went down

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Yep, need to play em of the park and give them a real spanking

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yep... would love to stuff The Blunts, cant stand them, just a shame Warnock isn't still there! And it is a Big Game, these are the games that we must get results!

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