Citeh Match Postponed By Ciara!

In what is not a surprising development, West Ham United's away fixture against last year's Barclays Premier League Champions Manchester City has been postponed due to storm Ciara. A Manchester City spokesperson said: "Due to extreme and escalating weather conditions and in the interests of supporter and staff safety, today's match has been postponed. Further information regarding the rescheduling of today's match will be published in due course."

Fans who travelled up for the fixture last night hoping to take in 'the sights' before the game will be sorely disappointed, but the postponement was always on the cards as soon as storm Ciara began it's journey across the Atlantic, a quick look at the images of Blackpool underwater will confirm just how bad the weather is in the North of England and surrounding areas.

Essentially rescheduling the game was the only realistic option, however the games postponement will have severe implications for both West Ham and City. There are legislative complications with regards to a replay date due to the FA's winter break policy, furthermore many players from both teams had made arrangements to 'fully recharge their batteries', City for their champions league push and West Ham for their relegation scrap.

The rescheduling suits neither team, the small comfort for Irons fans being the club's goal difference won't take a hammering today, on the other hand an out of form City without Sterling and their main defenders in a swirling wind might have given David Moyes the smallest window of opportunity, alas it was not to be.

News of the rescheduled date is due later today, with every possibility it may be moved to the end of the season, last game to stay up against City? It's the West Ham way! - Ed



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that's our 3 points blown away in the wind.

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Lets be willing to play and if those nancy boys citeh say no just because of a bit of wind lets appeal to the prem as they postponed it not us:-) 3 points TY

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shame. Fancy Dans didnt fancy it... might of got a result in the wind :o)

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