Hammers Just Like Ryanair For Refunds

West Ham United season ticket holders have finally been given the 'options' with regards to what can happen to their remaining tickets for matches that they will be unable to attend. We say options but actually the first option has been taken for fans, by the club! ST holders will by now have received an e-mail setting out the club's refund policy, and it isn't quite as straight forward as fans have been led to believe. Here is an example, the details of which are a confusing to say the least and most definitely ambiguous.

"We have now applied a credit of £xxx.xx to your Club Cash account - Client reference number 9***** - for the pro-rata value of the Season Tickets you held for the remaining five home fixtures of 2019-2020 HOW CAN I USE MY CLUB CASH?"

We understand that many Season Ticket Holders will be missing the football, their matchday ritual and cheering on the Hammers in person, and may want to use their credit towards their next Season Tickets. Rest assured you can do exactly this. You don’t need to take any further action and your Club Cash amount will be held securely so that you can redeem it against the cost of your 2020-21 renewal. Opting to take a credit is an easy and convenient way for Season Ticket Holders to instantly guarantee their seat for next season without having to wait for the renewal period, with all supporters benefiting from the price freeze that has been confirmed for 2020-21 Season Tickets*, as well as, of course, helping to support the Club through these testing times.

*Season Ticket price freeze applies to all Season Ticket holders renewing for 2020-21 and is based on the Club retaining its Premier League status for the 2020-21 campaign. Season Ticket prices for 2020-21 will be announced at the appropriate time, with prices adjusted accordingly should any fixtures be played without supporters present.

Couple of confusing issues here, how much if any discount will be applied for 'next season's' games without crowds? Will the discount be pro rata if only 10% of fans are allowed to attend games at the Bowl of Misery, would that mean a discount of 90%? And finally the next line is 'amusing' because the initial choice has already been made in your absence, and as anyone who has ever tried to call the club's 'hotline' which is akin if not worse than Ryan Air's will tell you,"good luck on that one, best have a book and a flask of tea!".
'If you would prefer your credit as a refund then please call the Ticket Office on 0333 030 1966. Phone lines will be open 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.'

So, to encapsulate the renewal situation, those who know 'better' than yourself have decided to 'roll on' your money towards a season ticket that may be of no value whatsoever...there's nothing like Public Relations is there? - Ed



Was about to go on holiday at the start of lockdown,they cancelled it & tried to give me a credit note.but what if they went under?after a few choice emails I eventually got a refund!as you say Nev what if only a few thousand are allowed in,which is a big possibility! Sugo have probably been getting tips from Michael o Leary on diplomacy!!

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There is no way you can be asked to pay for something your not going to get,its going to be interesting this,and who will be the chosen few let in????

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In the corporates

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