Its goin to be very interesting to see what happens regarding Lingard when the season is over ,it very rare not to have an option to buy clause,imo they will recall him if only to have him sit in the stands again ,especially if he keeps goin the way he is ,either that or they will ask a kings ransom for him ,this deal was always to good to to be true .

andycarrollstyle's picture

Can he not force a transfer through or something- sure its happened before

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boogerscaravan's picture

It's a difficult one, he's doing well for sure and as one of his biggest sceptics. I'm pleasantly surprised and encouraged, by his effort and of course his end product. Here's the thing, if United don't see him in there plans come the end of the season. Then if he shines with us, he immediately puts himself in the shop window. As a more than attractive proposition.

If as I suspect he loves life under Moyes, we may land him or at least get first refusal. Then again as it seems there is no longer any loyalty in Football. Who knows who the biggest bidder would be?

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There are several cenarios to that boogers ,if he keeps playing well for us and banging in the goals the without question mannua will up the asking price .
His contract with them is up in the summer of next year so we might have to wait till then if they start playing silly buggers .
A lot is goin to rest on his personal terms ,on todays player wages he must surley rank among the top ,there are those money bags clubs that would see wages as no problem ,so a lot is goin to depend on luck ,will he wont to come here when he could get top dollar elsewhere?,will manua let him go for a reasonable price ,imo if there were 3 or 4 years left on his contract he would undoubtedly be in the 80 -100 million bracket ,lets just hope and pray

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Jesse Lingard is 28 and with us showing he is at his peak. 2-3 years left at the top. Sadly Man U will probably sell him to the highest that wont be us. SGB will not pay big bucks again nor will Moyes either. Enjoy him while he is here and wish him well at the end of the season.

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He's here for now enjoy it and wait and see what for will he try and force a move the answer simply is no because players have loyalty clauses in contracts so asking for a transfer etc makes that null and void and so the player would miss out on a lot of money and i don't envisage any player doing that.

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Look at the forwards United have and stop worrying! Rashford, Martial, Greenwood, Cavani and even Diallo. Lingard has been there all his life and it hasn't worked out for him there, and now they realise that and have farmed him out to provide some relief on the wage bill. I can't believe they would take him back and put him in front of at least Rashford, Cavani and Martial, so he would be back in the same position. Done deal surely?

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