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Are we still in with a chance of Champions league

Submitted by alby foreverirons on Mon, 10/05/2021 - 01:11

I think we are still a chance mathematically to make it, even though I don’t do that good in tipping contests, looking at the remaining draws we can still get fourth spot. At the moment Leicester are there with three games to play but I can only see them winning maybe one of those games and that’s against Spurs which would give them 66 points..
Pool have four games to play but I don’t see them playing well enough to beat Manu, they should win the other three so they would end up on 66 points.
Everton have four games and apart from their last game against Man City will probably win the rest mind you Aston Villa will test them so they will finish on 64 points.
Tottenham if they win their last three will finish on 65 points but their last game against Leicester could be dicey as that’s the one I think could go either way.
It could all come down to the last round, but anything could happen, exciting times and also arse clenching times to be a West Ham United supporter but I think at worst we could os should end up in at least the Europa league so does everyone agree it’s been a fantastic season.

All bodes well for next season with the fans back as well,though I think for now Europey league will be better for us...the dildos need to invest if they have ambition or will they use the pandemic as an excuse?I know which one my moneys on

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Im of the opinion we should look to next season and see if we can replicate this year ,dreaming of the champs lg is foolish ,sure if it did come along all well and good but i dont think you go from the brink of religation to the Champions Lg overnight ,its a long drawn out prosses consisting of establishment in the top 6 ,man shity and Manua are of course allready there ,Chelsky their as good as there ,it is amazing what the new manedger has done ,i cant see them loosing another game,and Leicester? A bit wobbly but they'll get there .lets just see where we end up next year ,yesterday's result wasnt seen by a lot of fans and maybe that was the trouble ,i said myself that team looked unbeatable ,truth is Pickford didn't even break sweat ,best see now that we dont implode against Brighton and W B A .

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Brighton have always been a bit of a bogey team for us ......but then again what team hasn't !!!!

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Nice one !

I dont think its just certain teams, its also certain players. How often do you hear "he loves playing West Ham, scored most of X goals against the Hammers!"

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I think our fate will be decided by Manchester United and their upcoming 2 fixtures against Leicester & Liverpool.Though I think the wheels have fallen of Leicester I think Man U will be more up for the Liverpool game. Though this is a fixture Liverpool tend to do well in. Fortune favoured us on Sunday with Brighton losing Dunk & Maupay. A big bonus against a somewhat bogey team. If we put in a Burnley performance against The Seagulls we should steamroll them. But our fate will be decided before we next kick a ball.

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