Fighting For His Place-Or Trying To Keep His Massive Wages?

Words emanating from Andriy Yarmolenko's agent indicate that the player wants to return to West Ham after starring for the Ukraine at the Euros. All seemingly very 'inspiring', but without wanting to dampen the parade, is the 30 year old wingers desire to stay at the club motivated by some deep seated desire to prove the doubters wrong, or is it merely a way of ensuring he gets paid another £5.75 Million for the final year of his outrageously generous contract?

By letting his contract run down, Yarmolenko not only pockets another £5.75 Million, but he also creates a situation whereby he can receive a large signing on fee from the club that 'swoops' to take him on a free transfer at the end of next season.

It's NOT Yarmo's fault that he was handed such an insane deal, but come on, he shouldn't try and gloss over his real intentions, the fact is, no one in their right minds would countenance paying Andriy even half of his current wages, so it is in his interest to see out the remainder of his contract.

Yarmolenko's time at the London Stadium has been an unmitigated and incredibly expensive disaster, if the club can get rid of him, even on a free, it will save another £5.75 Million, money that can be used to entice a NON injury prone player. Despite Yarmolenko's exploits for his country at the Euros, the fact is he is miles to slow for the frenetic pace of the Barclays Premier League, that is not to say that he wouldn't do well in other leagues, just not the Barclays League!

Even the player himself MUST be slightly embarrassed by the living that he has 'stolen' while on the books of West Ham, the sooner he is gone the better! - Ed



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Some muppet would have been impressed with him, lets hope a bid comes in from some North Macedonian mafia conglomerate..

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and offer him out on a free transfer...even with his form at the euros because of the wages we have him on i cannot see any takers but maybe with no fee involved a club can be enticed to sign him....otherwise we will be stuck with him......his injury situation will surely reoccur and just like those before him Ljungberg/carroll/Wilshire...etc etc the club pay the price for buying big names for there own vanity......that has to stop but with the rumours not going away about Ross Barkley you just have to wonder will he be Yarmas replacement in the treatment room!

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Yes, the treatment room team must have a clause in their contracts stating that Hammers MUST buy a perpetual crock every year or two to keep them usefully employed, they still lament the departure of Andy Carroll, you have no idea how many children benefited from being sent to private schools, courtesy of the over time worked by their parents while 'tending' to Andy Carroll when he was in situ!

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Some of us are still grafting in our late 50s to earn a living...

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Am i the only west ham fan that thinks hes not all bad
,agreed his wages are ott allright but you cant blame him for that ,a lot of you s put him in the bracket of a criminal holding us to ransom ,now if he were as usless as that so called centre forward we just got rid of i would say fine but he has scored some beutiful goals coming in off the right ,once he conects with his left peg hes very hard to stop ,as in the euros.i believe he loves the club and wants to put things right ,i dont think hes a scheming money mad mercenary, Moyes tried him as a centre forward when Ant was sick ,hes no more a c f than i am

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whether he kept him self for the Euros in stead of playing for the shirt like the Czech duo for instance

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Only one player in our team worthy of anywhere near that sort of money. WH always manage to do this and you really to have to worry at the "wisdom" of our master negotiator Sully???!

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