No Rice No Problem

Rice not playing last night yet we looked decent without him...yes against a second string manure outfit you say mmm £73million wonderkid Sancho/Lingard Greenwood Fernandes on in second half and still the lads did not buckle....Kral looks a bit lightweight but hey so did Lanzini when he first played for us so yes the day will come like it or not Rice will go but last night showed that West Ham can win without him and lets face it we won with our second string:-) COYI

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Everybody on the Org seems to think the Moyesiah ( Not my name for him btw), is taking us to undreamed of heights, top 4, Champions League football etc. etc. so why would he go?

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More dosh Deluded

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Dec is now world class and a club of our size will never hold on to such a player who will have ambition for gongs. He will be gone at the end of the season for massive money, the Unholy Trinity will see to that. I wish him well, I just hope its a big euro move and not the scum bags in West London.

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