Hammers (Un)united Folly

At the Org we are split into two 'friendly' factions as to the stewardship of West Ham United since Gold & Sullivan took over the club from those venerable 'families' who had previously 'looked after the club, the Cairns and latterly the Brown's dynasties. For the term 'looked after', you can legitimately substitute the words 'didn't invest and took all the cash', so just remember how easy it is to 'vision', with claret & blue spectacles, how perfec' everything was back at the jolly old' Boleyn Ground.

Believe it or not, a thousand years ago our founder was employed by Galaxy Publications who produced such high brow periodicals as Knave and Fiesta to sell 'legitimate' advertising to the booze and cigarette agencies in the hope that the smut on offer would be accepted for distribution in mainstream media outlets like WH Smith and Menzies if it had a lot of high profile 'respectable' advertising, and it worked!

Amusingly, the person that Nev replaced in the role of director of advertising was none other than....Mr David Sullivan, who quickly saw the opportunities on offer and set up his own organisation called PRIVATE to sell border line' content and products, to achieve this he used a venerable advertising man named Mike Milne through his company Adaction to place adverts that no one would have accepted if they had known they were coming from Sullivan, particularly Russell Gay at Galaxy who had originally employed Sullivan to take the company's advertising to a different level, perversely Sullivan just did that by taking a great chunk of the smut market away!

Sullivan is the chief protagonist now that David Gold is getting increasingly senile, and yes Sullivan has made plenty of errors, especially when he repeatedly tried to use his 'barrow boy' negotiating 'skills' for player acquisitions, with ultimately only a ONE in TEN success rate!

So the Org should be jumping on the GSB out bandwagon and should be firmly behind the Hammers United 'protest' planned to coincide with the home game against Barclays Premier League newcomers Brentford shouldn't we? Well the answer to that one is a big fat NO, YES they have been embarrassing and have generally been stingy with their expenditure, but it is what it is and any remonstrations, in our opinion, should be made when the season is over. Of course feelings run high and we understand fans' frustration, but there IS a time and a place to make representations, during what could be yet another landmark season, we see no reason to do anything that will have a negative effect on the club's current incredible upward trajectory.

Or do fans really want to shoot the club in it's own foot? If that's what you want, please demonstrate with gusto! However remember that despite earning vast amounts, some say obscene amounts of money, players are only human and anyone who thinks the players are unaffected by demonstrations before, during or even after a game are ill-informed or deluded or both.

Like we say, Gold Sullivan and even that other one are not the most popular people here at the Org, but to demonstrate when the club is enjoying it's best spell for at least 15 years is absolutely ludicrous, there IS a time and a place for everything, however this is neither the time, nor London Bowl the place, to offer constructive criticism only negative pessimism, there is plenty of time off season to protest, or do Hammers United want to wreck the club's tenuous progress merely to perpetuate their own existence and follow their own agenda?- LN



The protests should have happened before the move! I still can't believe we went so quietly,but what's done is done & there's more to life than pointless protests now

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I started this debate back on the 7th Sept. Interested to know the thoughts of Ed and and other on this site.

I agree with 65 (yet again) that the protests about the move made sense before not after the bulldozers turned into Green Street.

I am not sure that "Hammers United want to wreck the club's tenuous progress merely to perpetuate their own existence and follow their own agenda" Interested to know what you think that agenda is, sinister or not?

My impression is that they are committed fans who are still... well... sore. They have needs and the board is not entirely listening but are making some in roads with small change. Most on here know that I embrace the new and the changes, its not perfect but its still my club. In theory I should sit square in the opposition to Hammers United yet I also see their point, mainly as they are still Hammers Through and Through.

I hope and expect the Brentford game will be remembered firstly for the football, secondly for the applause for Lacey Bennett (a West Ham fan tragically murdered recently in Derbyshire) and maybe the well behaved protest, lets see.

As for the protests, I didnt join them but my Bruv did. I questioned the sanity of it and his reply was simple " You have to do something" That summed it up for me.

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I think you're right a lot of the fans on the protests are probably still sore,but thinking about it lately I just feel maybe it's time to move on,the Boleyn isn't coming back & by the sounds of it the atmosphere at L.S has definitely improved! The pandemic & a great team have obviously helped & fair play to you for always being optimistic! Got dear friends that are going through a tough time with illness & it makes you think there's more to life than harping on about the past!! COYI

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Moving on doesn't mean we ever for get our roots. UP memories are still very special and I hope the LS will also provide great memories for the next generation. You know me, I try to be optimistic and I will get you "back" to the BoM, I told you before I have a spare ticket so embrace that Popcorn! Its never just about a stadium, The Board or even the Players... Its always about us The Fans!

Sorry to read your comments about friends with illnesses, I hope they make good recovery soon buddy!

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