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Moore 6 Legend (Stan) Update

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Submitted by nevillenixon on Thu, 30/12/2021 - 08:55

A brief update regarding Moore 6 Legend (Stan)
Here is a message from Stan's son
'Hi Nev and all the team at the Org.
Thank you all and the boys for your concern about my Dad. He hasn’t been all that well at the moment, not really in a good place either. He suffers really bad with high blood pressure and the doctor has advised him to not watch any of the live games. My Dads mental health has also took a battering as well.
Would just like to thank you all again for your concerns regarding my Dad. He hopes to be back in the near future as I know how much he loves the Org. He sends his love to the boys and wishes you all a happy new year.
Take care. '

We all wish Stan a speedy recovery and look forward to welcoming him and his family back to the Org, we miss him!

Cheers Nev for the update,keep your chin up Stan,we are all with you mate....from the Westham Family!COYI

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I am sorry to hear about your current troubles but i do not doubt your family will do everything to help you cope at this for us at the org we will do our best to carry on and await your next posting.


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Ahh!!! Thats a really nice gesture Stans boy, just goes to show what a great club this is ,well done Stans boy and pass on our deep affection to Dad .

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Am I right in thinking Stan is in Australia...?

Would be great to see you posting again some time soon mate and if you're in Sydney we can catch up for a beer, maybe....

All the best Stan

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Stan is from herne Bay in kent i believe,moved there from canning Town a few years maybe thinking of Moore 2 come I think he lives in Oz....Happy New year to you & family

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He does indeed and is back working today after a month off travelling the great state of Victoria. First thing he does is log into here :) Busy day

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