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Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

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Submitted by Louis Nixon on Fri, 14/01/2022 - 09:23

No we are not talking about Declan Rice OR Jarrod Bowen, we are referencing Lukasz Fabianski and Alphonse Areola. Many assumed when Areola arrived on loan from PSG, that this season would be one of transition as Fabianski's contract ran down in its final year and that Areola would be 'drip fed' into the first team.

That may have been the case originally, but it has generated a unique situation whereby Fabianski's improved form in the Premier League is SO good, that it is currently virtually impossible to replace him. That was NOT the plan, however despite Fab's brilliant form he is not getting any younger and the club MUST be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to replacing him.

IF Alphonse Areola isn't given more game time and Fabianski stays on, it would be a pyrrhic victory for the club because eventually the club WILL need a replacement and Areola is as good as it gets in that respect. The club simply CANNOT afford to lose Areola and therefore MUST do everything to ensure he stays at the club.

If Areola is allowed to return to PSG, it will be a mistake that Hammers will rue for YEARS! Hopefully there is a plan in place to retain the Frenchman who has excelled on the few occasions when he has actually been allowed to play! There is NO way Areola will stay on as a number 2 keeper, so the club need to box clever with an eye on the future.

What is the expression? Fail to prepare, prepare to fail... LN



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My thoughts on the subject ENTIRELY.....

The fly in the ointment (or the Brilliant Problem) is the Form of Lukasz Fabianski. He cannot be dropped as there is absolutely no good reason to drop a keeper in such outstanding form. Lukasz has had injury problems over the last couple of years which had caused the team a few problems at the time and at his age, we all expected Lukasz to be replaced by Alphonse... but he had other plans.

Alphonse is More than capable of taking over from Lukasz and I also hope that the club has a plan which involves keeping Areola, as he is a Top Goalkeeper who we have got to RETAIN.

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